Tuesday, October 09, 2007

~+~ I Feared...Until ~+~

I feared being alone,
Until I learned to like Myself.

I feared failure,
Until I realized that I only Fail when I don't try.


I feared success,
Until I realized That I had to try In order to be happy With myself.

I feared people's opinions,
Until I learned that People would have opinions About me anyway.
I feared rejection,
Until I learned to Have faith in myself.
I feared pain,
Until I learned that it's necessary For growth.
I feared the truth,
Until I saw the Ugliness in lies.
I feared life,
Until I experienced Its beauty.
I feared death,
Until I realized that it's Not an end, but a beginning.
I feared my destiny,
Until I realized that I had the power to change My life.
I feared hate,
Until I saw that it Was nothing more than Ignorance.
I feared love,
Until it touched my heart, Making the darkness fade Into endless sunny days.
I feared ridicule,
Until I learned how To laugh at myself.
I feared growing old,
Until I realized that I gained wisdom every day.
I feared the future,
Until I realized that Life just kept getting Better.
I feared the past,
Until I realized that It could no longer hurt me.
I feared the dark,
Until I saw the beauty Of the starlight.
I feared the light,
Until I learned that the Truth would give me Strength.
I feared change,
Until I saw that Even the most beautiful butterfly Had to undergo a metamorphos is Before it could fly.


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